Options to associate with the CCK

New registrations can be done anytime. Renewal of membership starts on April 1st of each year and it is valid until March 31st of the following year.

Regular members: with no financial contribution. Information about the activities of the CCK is periodically sent to them.

Supporting members:
Supporting ordinary member (23-year- old and above): with an annual fee of 3.000¥.
Supporting junior member (between 12 and 22): with an annual fee of 1.500¥.
Kids (under 11): with no financial contribution.
As a supporting member, apart from being regularly informed about the activities of the CCK, you have the following compensations:
• a special discount when participating in cultural events organized by the CCK
• you can borrow books and DVDs free of charge for a week at a time from the CCK’s library
• for a reasonable fee, you can rent a space to hold cultural or professional gatherings of their own
• you will be exempt from paying the registration fee when you enroll in a course
• you will receive a special treatment at the restaurants that collaborate with the CCK.

You can pay your annual membership fee in person at our Center, by bank transfer or with PayPal.

To register as a regular member or supporting member, please fill out the registration form below.

Full de registre / renovació 2024

Hoja de registro / renovación 2024
2024年度 新規入会/更新 申込書

Before making your payment, please, be so kind to fill in and to send to us the above registration form.

If you have chosen the option Supporting Member and if you want to make the payment with PayPal, you can do it clicking the button at the very end after filling in the registration form.


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